Thursday, June 21, 2007

Yaye Takes (On) A Gander

What's up with me and the birds?

I brought my camera to work with me today because I hoped to get a few shots of the cute Canadian goslings being raised in the wetlands near my office. I see the downy little guys at least three days out of every five, and mutter curses to myself at each adorable photo op lost. So, it was with great joy that I spotted a family of six (mom, dad and four babies) grazing along the roadside as I ventured forth on my way home this afternoon.

I slow and bring my car to a gentle stop, fumble with my satchel in the passenger seat, remove lens cap, turn on power,!

Nice, but I only got two of the four babies, and I'd really like to get an action shot! Click!

Okay, now you can sort of see a third baby, and I like mom in motion back there. I really want to see a baby more clearly. I'll try!

Damn! Framed all wrong, hasty snapping resulting in blur. Gotta see a little gosling face! Must try!
Alright, shooting through the windshield is not cutting it and the little family is now on the move. Maybe I could just inch the car up a few feet and take a shot out my open side window...I'll just take my foot off the brake and....AUGH!!!

In a swift and certain motion, Father Goose takes aim at my car and hurls himself forward, wings teeter-tottering with unmistakable aggression.


I hit the gas and hastily beat my (forward) retreat, heart racing.

Think I'm ready for safari? What say you, good people?

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Anonymous lyf said...

yaye -
perhaps you can become cuteoverload's field reporter!

4:19 PM  
Anonymous yaye said...

What are the hours?

8:06 PM  

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