Thursday, August 17, 2006

Yayo, pain of Tallulah's Existence

This is my son, Yayo. As you can see from his shirt, he's evil. I have just finished a heated discussion about a DRIVER'S PERMIT. I mean maybe I'm evil cause I look at him and I see my little puppy boy. The once cute and totally lovable boy has grown into a surly young man. Arrrghh. And I tell him he MUST study the information as given by the DMV. He thinks that the sample test is the test he's going to be given, I argue and tell him that is simply not the case. He tells me I'm old and I don't know how the whole thing works.

WAIT A SECOND...I'm not OLD...right?

I will tell you this...straight up dawg, the West Virginia drivers test is much harder than the California one. I myself was an idiot and studied only the sample test for my new driver's license and barely passed. I know my kid...he really needs to study. I can hear downstairs right this very minute....he's off trying to get old Dad on his side. Will he get the same lecture...wait for it...wait for it... wait for it....CHA CHING Dad totally backs up mom...Gawd Bless this Household and the adults who run it.

Teenagers are a total pain in the watch yo mouth.

I was a pure and virginal teen....right Yaye? No wait don't answer that one....


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