Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Congratulations Connecticut!

Tallulah Greets Connecticut

I live with a political junkie and have been sucked into many a primary. Last night was a doozy with such a close margin we were on the edge of our seats. As we watched the poll numbers come in, Cspan cut to Leiberman's concession speech and my husband jumped for joy. He's never even been to Connecticut. Just goes to show you, when you align yourself with evildoers and self appointed kings the dwellers in the kingdom may just boot you out. And boot they did. The only issue I forsee is when Leiberman goes Independent and runs separately from Lemont in November. Is Connecticut getting electronic voting machines by then ? What's Leiberman's connection with Diebold?

All I can say is the people of Connecticut sent a message. With margins so close, the state as well as country is still closely and bitterly divided.


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