Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Can You Hear Them? They Talk About Us...

Okay, Tallu! How about you, me and three of our groovy friends going to the 1981 L.A. Street Scene festival, all wearing our Go-Go's concert T-shirts that we procured the night before at The Greek amphitheatre (my first concert), and being followed all day by a photographer who thought we were the band? Remember??? I can still see you doing a little ska dance in the street with your blunt cut and headband on, looking quite a bit like Kathy Valentine, actually. It was so sad when we had to inform the photographer that he had wasted several rolls of film on a group of 14-year-old Go-Go's fans.

That's the same day we met Steve Green, the John Lennon look-alike who posed for the bronze Lennon memorial at City Hall. To think, we introduced him to Beatlefest.


Anonymous yaye said...

....and HEY! Who opened for the Go-Go's that night? The Fleshtones!!!!

11:32 AM  

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