Monday, November 13, 2006

Almost Heaven

West Virginia...
Zero Carb Fare
Kettle Cooked Pork Rinds

Life is slow there
Slower than a Crock Pot
Quicker than you can
Say hot dogs and Sauce

Country Roads
Take me home
To the place I belong?????
West Virginia
Mountain Mama, Take me home Country Roads.

Aahhhh, I'm home. Yes Tallulah is home!


Anonymous lyfecta said...

I am confused. Are the pork rinds cooked in a kettle WITH the root beer? or are those 2 different products on one truck...

Glad you escaped form l.a.!

8:05 PM  
Anonymous Richard Bruland said...

Ann/Tallulah -

Rich Bruland here-I used to own Bebop Records & Fine Art in Reseda, where you truly reigned for a few glorious years as THE Rock Goddess of the Valley.

Can you get in touch with me - Cal State Northridge is establishing an archive of all materials related to Bebop, and I'd really like to let you know more about that. I'd love for you to be a part of that. My e-mail is:

Hope all is well and I hear from you soon
(323) 662-1359

11:51 PM  
Anonymous yaye said...

Hey, lyfecta has a point! If the pork rinds are cooked in IBS Root Beer, there's now way they are 0 carbs, baby!

("Baby" courtesy of George Costanza.)

1:27 AM  
Anonymous yaye said...

IBS = IBC Doh!

1:27 AM  

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