Wednesday, March 15, 2006

We've been working very hard with our lawyers...

Whilst my Yaye has been in a Gervaisabyss, this Tallulah has battled and won a serious flu (104 degrees for two days and on her back eyes closed for a week), continues to hold breath waiting for internet to be cut off and as of Monday major plumbing issues (Tallulah is beginning to concur with Yaye on Old Houses).

Yesterday we receive this ridiculous email from (Tallulah hates) Skycasters stating that the lawyers are diligently working on the "issues" with DirectWay. So it seems we will continue to have internet for a "little" while longer. What a bunch of crap.

In the meantime...seeds have been started, epoxy resins discovered, glue sticks found, house very messy. I think I'll need to catch up on this Gervaismania that has consumed my Parco for far too long.


Anonymous yaye said...

Welcome back, Tallu!!!!!!!

8:16 AM  

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