Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Yaye's Been with Ricky: Confession of a Delinquent Blogger

I'm here to confess. I have not updated this blog since last Thursday. Today is Tuesday. I believe that is the longest I have gone without a blog entry since beginning this dalliance with the Internet on New Year's Eve. Why the neglect? It's Ricky Gervais, friends.

This is the second time I have engaged in a Gervais feeding frenzy since discovering the original BBC's The Office about six months ago. Yes, I was late on that one. I'll explain why another time. Back to my point... I fell hard for Ricky and his wantonly inappropriate, squirmingly uncomfortable, brutally truthful comedy. And being a compulsive researcher I immediately went in pursuit of all things Gervais. I gorged myself on the Office DVDs, including every second of every Special Feature, repeatedly. I mapped out viewings of Extras on HBO. But I really hit the jackpot when I plonked my nickel into the Internet.

Hours and hours of Gervais with cohorts Stephen Merchant and the much-abused Karl Pilkington doing their freeform, simian-laden radio programs and podcasts available for download from Xfm (British radio station) and Guardian Unlimited (British newspaper) and via iTunes in controlled quantities (and now, for a fee). Additional related segments, articles, clips and animation can be found on Gervais' own eponymous website. I love this stuff so much, it's....mental!

I took a breather for a few months after my first bout of Gervaismania, but one little streaming podcast last week led to another, and next thing you know, I'm whiling away whole days listening to Ricky and the Boys, making gluey crafts and tweaking graphics projects. And regrettably, I turned my back (oh so briefly! you must admit) on you, my beloved Internet.



Anonymous Leigh-fjooored Rhoamn said...

So you have to pay for the Guardian Unlimited show on iTunes now?!?!?
I had to rapidly delete the entire set from my podcasts because some kid happened to make a stink that i had EXPLICIT MATERIAL on my iBook at the school where I teach.... shoulda burned it while i could have

Irony is that the child in question loves Flanimals....

c'est la guerre!

9:34 PM  
Anonymous Yaye said...

Yeah, $1.95 per show. Chagrin.

What's the matter with kids today? One little "Explicit" and the poo hits the fan. Poo, I say!

Good news:
All the Xfm's that were available for download, still are (6 shows). I grabbed Episodes 9-12 of the last Guardian run, so I can probably WAV them and ftp or burn them over to you.

Solidarity, brotha!

7:24 AM  
Anonymous lyfrome said...

jes, poo i say. (though saying poo may get me in trouble as well.) i should clarify that the iTunes had marked Ricky's podcast as explicit.... um.... that was the only offender ;-) other than the ministry of unknown science blog, which also had to be expurgate. but that was it. i promise!

you can ftp? my goodness what with all this tech these days!

1:57 PM  
Anonymous yaye said...

Ooooooh Lyfie! I forgot to tell you (until now) - you made a cameo appearance in a recent dream of mine! No, you weren't a broach. You were running a roadside stand in which you created and sold vinyl pressings of Kiss bootlegs. And you were caught by Paul Stanley! Aiiiieeeeee!!!

Now that's some unknown science for the ministry to ponder!

6:24 PM  
Anonymous Not Anthony Zerbe said...

Paul Stanley!?!?!!?!?!?


Though he makes a mean tape measure, available at sears.com:

Stanley 1 in. x 25 ft. Steel Tape Measure, PowerLock®
Sears item #00997382000 Mfr. model #33-425

The new tech teacher at our school is a Canadian and a big Paul Williams fan (I do not imply that these facts are related) and I impressed her to no end by my intimate knowledge of the 1974 movie classic, Phantom of the Paradise, which is in no way related to the 1978 movie KISS meets the Phantom of the Park, which was filmed at Magic Mountain and "features" Anthony Zerbe since no one can really "star" in a movie while KISS is in it, which proves nothing except how it can sometimes take a whole paragraph to return to my original point:

Paul Stanley!??!?!?!?

9:40 PM  

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