Friday, March 17, 2006


Like his wife, Mr. Yaye (a.k.a. Progboy) is a major music enthusiast. Assembling yet another in a long line of 70's music anthologies, he solicited my help yesterday to track down a list of downloadable tunes he is missing from his collection. It was fun, but took up a sizable chunk of my day. In fact, I was working on a post about Top Chef and had to abandon it to scavenge for such gems as "Hair of the Dog" by Nazareth (which he had on his list with the title "Messing with a Son of a Bitch") and "Go to Hell" by Alice Cooper. Soooooo Spinal Tap!

But the one tune that got stuck in my head and rattled around on an endless loop as I cleaned out our disgusting, spider-webbed basement this morning was Sweet's "Love is Like Oxygen" (click the play button on the video link above to hear the song and view some lovely creme-rinsed blonde hair). The song just has an impossibly catchy pop chorus with ELO-esque vocals that you can't wait to come around again when it gets to the dead-in-the-water, hack verses.

I'm singing it as I type! Heeeellllllp!


Anonymous Tallulah said...

Oh my...this song reminds me of summer day camp! I remember listening to this on a Panda Bear transistor radio (I believe the radio station was either KHJ or TenQ or both). Just like listening to Kate Bush's The Kick Inside automatically makes me want to eat Cantaloupe (Pavlovian fer sure), this song has my mouth tingling with tart memories of Bottle Caps & Lemon Heads washed down with Fruit Punch.

4:08 PM  

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