Friday, March 03, 2006

Tallulah HATES Skycasters!

Livin' way out in the boonies errr I mean country, there are very few options for internet service: You have your basic dial up (yuk) or satellite service. When we moved out here almost two years ago, we opted for the highest speed service possible (yeah I know dumb city folks). So we dipped into our nest egg and coughed up $1,500.00 for set up and equipment to get satellite internet. Not to mention paying OUTRAGEOUS rates. ($119.00+ per month). We felt it worth it as my job demands high speed access.

Around Christmas time, we get this call from a sales rep at Skycasters. He offers us the moon, better upload time, more reliability (cause let me tell you, if it rains or snows hard you have NO access) and LOWER MONTHLY RATES, the only glitch is that WE have to come up with $800.00 for new equipment. My heart dropped, I asked if they would tack on a fee to each month to offset that cost. We just don't have $800 bucks to give to this company. He said No. I asked, well will you be continuing your service that I currently have. He said OF COURSE, you'll just have to keep paying your outrageous monthly bill.

Talking it over with my old man, we opted to stay where we are. Though we're clearly paying a lot, at least we didn't have to come up with $800 or heaven forbid move back to dial up.
Then between January and February, we would lose email capabilities for a week at a time. This is very bad when you're running your business on the net. We are suspicious that Skycasters was deliberately doing this.

And now for we get the email that as of March 8th, we will no longer have internet access through Skycasters (they worded it in such a way that there was a slim chance that it may not happen) So we get on the phone in a panic...I start calling DSL companies begging and I do mean begging, for access, which of course is not going to happen.

Regaining composure we call the company that Skycasters resells for at this point in time, DirectWay. Here's what they have to say...if any one is in the same boat as I, please continue to read.

1. Skycasters are going to shut down their DirectWay accounts!
2. Call Directway and work out a deal. I think our solutions will end up saving us about $50 a month.
3. you may have to purchase new router and get someone out to repoint satellite. It may cost around $199.00. A far cry from $800.00, plus the monthly savings I say...let Skycasters FAIL.
4. Call Skycasters billing right away! We;ve just paid for another month of skycasters 2 days ago. I know they will owe us money.

What Skycasters has done is inexcusable! The whole, you've got to pay $800.00 bucks right now with no payment plan is just EXTORTION. SHUTTING DOWN our access with a 5 day lead time, is simply Bull Feces. They are an evil rotten company.

Yours truly,
Tallulah "She who HATES Skycasters" Kazu


Anonymous Tallulah really dislikes Skycasters said...

UPDATE Skycasters didn't shut off our service in March, however we did move to Hughes Net which is Directway. Skycasters sales people kept calling us, even after telling them we moved to Hughes. We were able to keep our old sat-modem and we get more reliable service with Hughes than we ever did with Skycasters. About 6 weeks ago, Skycasters had the audacity to call us to say we hadn't paid our bill in months. We told them that the sales Dept. at Skycasters would no longer honor our current machinery and we had switched 3 months prior to Hughes net. the billing department at Skycasters were shocked. We also told them that the fact that Skycasters was just calling us regarding our "past due" bill, means they do not have their shite together.

I would NEVER choose Skycasters as a solution for internet service. They like to bilk their customers.

12:46 AM  
Anonymous Don said...

Our company has used 3 different providers for satellite internet over the past 6 years. Our experiance has been verry good with Skycasters. When we had Hughes we could not even make VoIP calls. The service is more than many of the other providers out there but the service is the best Internet we have ever seen from a Satellite connection.

6:57 PM  

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