Thursday, February 23, 2006

Like Oh-Mi-GAWD is that us all grainy?????

Yaye -

Tallu, I can't believe you found this! How cool!! So, as 14-year-olds we...
  • Attended the Fleshtones/Go-Go's concert in full retrogrrl gear (I even wore a miniskirt - a rarely repeated phenomenon in my lifetime) at The Greek;
  • Spent the night in a hilltop mansion featuring a hot tub with its own gazebo-like room, wherein certain members of our entourage were busted for illicit indulgences by the scary grandfather of the house;
  • Went to the L.A. Street Scene the next day and were followed by a photographer mistakening us for the Go-Go's;
  • Saw the venerable Los Angeles Mayor, Tom Bradley, unveil the only statue of John Lennon created during his lifetime (where we were apparently photographed for posterity);
  • Met and became friends with the John Lennon look-alike who posed for said statue...
....all in less than 24 hours. Sacre bleu!


I'm tired just thinking about all that. And let me just say, I'm amazed that the aforementioned scary grandfather didn't send me home right then and there....Ooops just busted myself. I did nothing wrong.


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