Thursday, February 23, 2006

The Clash....I loved them sooo much...NOW HEED THE CALL UP!!!!

It's up to you not to heed the call-up
'N' you must not act the way you were brought up
Who knows the reasons why you have grown up?
Who knows the plans or why they were drawn up?

Tallulah here, I loved the Clash as a wee one. And still do as a matter of fact I'm listening to them right now. (Magnificent Seven at the moment oh now it's Washington Bullets ). I had an older boyfriend in 1982 and he tried to explain to me what they were singin' about. I sort of listened then as a 15 year old...but it would be much later that I would TRULY understand what they were talking about.

I've just been informed that a few weeks ago CNN had a report that the army would be calling up Navy personnel to go to Iraq on behalf of the army for some reason or another. (Ususally I'm up on these things...but oh well, I can't store everything in my head) Anywho, I have a person that may or may not be related to me who may or may not have received information that he or she may be going to Iraq. There is a 48 hour period with which we will know whether or not the aforementioned person who may or may not be related to me will go ON THE GROUND into the heart of insanity. (Runnin.......' Police on my back... I love the Clash)

The men in my family have all been veterans and carried or still carry the issues that come with war or that wacky phrase of the day "POLICE ACTION". Whatever.

Well, to troops out there now...My heart is with you, I want you home now. That person who may or may not be leaving in the next few days...I'm not sure exactly what I should say on this blog, except that I love you and if you need anything...just let me know.

Peace love and understanding....yours truly...Tallulah


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