Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Another Classic Tall/Short Duo,

Yaye and I have been friends for 29 years & 1 month or so but who's counting... Lifelong members of the Latch Key Illuminati, sometimes we would spend our summer days together via the phone line, cause we weren't allowed to go outside or couldn't get a hold of working mom to ask permission. Now at 11, one can get quite lonely being home alone for 10 hours at a stretch, so the phone line (in the days before call waiting) was your link to the outside world though Mom could never get through unless the emergency break in was implemented via operator.

As typical kids, left alone to thier own discretion, we watched TV. Yaye would call up Tallu or vis versa just in time for the mid morning back to back episodes of Gomer Pyle USMC to keep each other company sometimes never saying a word. It was comforting to each of us. I believe that this was just boot camp for our phinessed phone phollies I think the longest time we were ever on the phone at one time was 5 (might be 7) hours (Yaye correct me if I'm wrong).

Yesterday, Yaye called and boosted me off my pity pot and got me back on track. Bless yee Yaye! Sometimes she has to be very firm with me but she makes me laugh, she lets me cry, and her brute honesty is what makes me love her and drives me crazy at the same time. To you yaye, I celebrate your You-ness. Sometimes I like it when you're my Sargeant Carter...GAWWWLLLL LEE!


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