Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Bang your head, visit Chiropractor

In a paranoid and reluctant manner, Tallulah uploads front facing pic of herself on the myheritage site through encouragment via her beloved Yaye. And the results are in:

Sarah Michelle Geller 70% (WHAT????)
Andie MacDowell, Nina Hagen (funny), Shannen Doherty & Demi Moore 65%
Cliff Burton 63% NOW THAT'S FUNNY!

Tallulah then proceeds to do son and husband

Husband: Verdi (giggle), Dvorak (tee hee), Einstein (ha ha), John Coltrane (huh, HUH??? Huha huh ha ha, huh ha ha ha ho ho heeeeeee), Sylvester Stallone (Adrianne!)

Son: Pj Harvey (huh?), Queen Mum(ha ha), Toni Morrison(huh tee hee), Muhammad Ali (whah???whah??? wah-ha ha ha ha) and Robert Redford (nice...)


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