Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Further Proof that Yaye is a Boob

In an effort to shed any remaining dignity I may have inadvertently overlooked in my last blog confessional (that would probably be the whole Pride & Prejudice gush from June '06), I submit My Minicity, Kazuville, Day One (yesterday):

What is it, you ask? I don't rightly know, but that didn't stop me from marching right over to the site and setting one up. There's just something about New Technology available for FREE from the Internets. I can't resist it. That's sort of how Tallulah and I ended up with a blog in the first place.

Okay, here's Day Two (today):

Behold, I have agriculture, electricity and a neighbor! No idea how that happened. Maybe just because I went back there today to see if it was still there. You see, you don't sign up for anything, you don't have to download anything; you just name your Minicity and then I guess you pimp it in order to lure visitors.

This is my best guess, peeps.

Here's my pimp: Visit Beautiful, Mostly Empty Kazuville to validate my paltry existence and increase the ad revenue on a French website!

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Anonymous Tallulah said...

We must self pimp for our plots...where's the peeps

10:25 PM  
Anonymous Dr. Tallulah KAzu said...

The peeps thee have come to the mineee citeeee.... booo whahhh hahahahA

6:42 AM  

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