Monday, February 11, 2008

Talu opens shop in Kazuville

With the influx of new citizens in Kazuville, Talu decides to open a new HI! Tech business and a blue tooth special:

NEW NEW NEW!!! Herbal Tech Tonics

Undefined Citizen-Media Networking
Just 19.95 per undefined citizen but wait there's more if Kazuville acts now, they will receive a complimentary introductory booklet:

Harnessing embedded APIs in the 21st Century
by Dr. Tallulah Kazu, UVA-UVB, Doctoral of All, Masteral of Nothing.*

*to learn more about Dr. Talu's Tech Tonic please click here

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Anonymous Yaye said...

Wow, just six clicks of the generator and I re-created my entire meeting with Oktane Media last week. We're going into the City to shoot promos with them on Saturday, Parco! It's for a video submission contest -- I'll tell you all about it...when I get a chance.

Got home tonight about 10:45...have to meet our printer at 8:00 tomorrow morning to go look at ink samples. Custom metallic pink, don't ya know!

This is my life.

11:22 PM  

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