Saturday, April 29, 2006

Yaye Brings You Something Shining & Blue in Seattle

I'm not sure how long these amazing re-cut trailers have been in circulation, but I just saw them for the first time today.

First watch "Something Blue," which transforms "Blue Velvet" into a whacky, feel-good romantic comedy.

Then comes "Shining," which takes the Torrance family to a whole new, warm & fuzzy place:

Now skip on over to Seattle, and you'll REALLY be Sleepless from THIS trailer:

Brilliant!!!!! Wikipedia has a whole list of these trailer re-cuts with links!


Anonymous Tallulah said...

Oh my...That's effin'A brilliant.

8:49 AM  
Anonymous life of rome said...

these are awesome - i had seen them before but lost the link - i had no idea wikipedia would come to the rescue!

ps - i am experimenting wiht teh blogginess - though i can't get comments to woork right now or compare with y'all's wonderful entries - but i have included a few of the youtube gems that i think you may enjoy.... click on me link to see and it starts from the bottom up

11:04 PM  
Anonymous yaye said...

Oh Lyfie!!!! Me so happy!!! Your blog is great! My comments:

1. "Whole" - On many an occasion, I have raised my fist to heaven and uttered the guttaral cry: "keeeeeeeeef! No one needs to look that gooey!"

Also, there is nothing that will wipe that wispy nostalgiac grin off your face like coming across an old diary and being confronted by WHAT YOU WERE REALLY LIKE way back when IN YOUR OWN WORDS (or music collection!). It's the sting that keeps on stinging!

2. "Wholer" - When I moved to New York in 1990, a whole new Bush world cracked open for me. Not only did countless ordinary citizens actually know who she was, I could walk into any given Village record store and find a veritable cornucopia of Bushy Boots - audio and video. It was a revelatory time for me, as I had only ever seen my music hero in action in a handful of miming performances. There were surprises, some splendid (I love that kooky Razzamatazz appearance!) and others disturbing (Dr. Hook, shudder), strange (Celia Something's Cookery) and embarassing (thumb-sucking Suspended in Gaffa performance with giant puppets in the background for, of course, German television). Much like reading an old diary, a few illusions are shattered, but big football fields of deeper understanding (couldn't resist) come to light.

Excellent links!

Personally, I think Running Up That Hill remains her best video, despite the masks.

3. "Bauchklang" - The clip was really enjoyable, but it did sound kinda "cheaty" so it's hard to measure an impression. Very interesting.

The lyfordpalooza link now goes directly to the new blog!
Welcome to blogginess!!!!!!!

7:34 AM  

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