Saturday, April 29, 2006

Strange days of spring cleaning - Spiders NOT the problem

With no phone, and no one to talk to, I (Tallu) am forced to continue with my spring cleaning. I've decided to start in the bedroom...winter clothes must be stashed, closets must be gone through...

So I'm taking on going through the 150 year old closet and I've just found a most curious pile of items. DOG FOOD. Loose piles of dog food. What could this mean??? We've never stored dog food in our bedroom closet. I don't think giant spiders eat dog can only mean, critters. I've not heard scratching or other obvious signs of unwanted 4-legged creatures. I think for my mental state to think of the piles as Ghost feasts. (To spare my family of my screams)


Anonymous yaye said...

Mr. T's got some 'splaining to do!

4:47 PM  
Anonymous Tallulah said...

De splain...De splain....

Boss please splain

8:44 AM  

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