Friday, January 06, 2006

Upon regaining my composure....

I stood in the creek for a few moments trying to catch my breath, listening carefully to my ankles and feet, cause I easily break them. I then sat for a few moments longer calculating the medical bills should I have broken anything and how I was going to hobble back and tell my husband what I did. Most importantly how I was going to pay for these medical bills, since all my clients delight in not paying me on time.

Luckily the half empty glass became half full when I realized everything was A-OK. At which time, I looked down and saw this tiny little waterfall made from rock and wee little sticks. The tinkling of the water reminded me of one of my favorite bookstores back in LA. I then thought about how I really had to feng shui my office, then I thought about how I would like my life to be, then I realized I was still standing in the creek. So I quietly said What the F*** crossed the creek and headed up another steep hill.


Anonymous yaye said...

What the f@&$! What the f@&$!

9:25 AM  
Anonymous tallulah said...

What the F*@K! What the F*@K! What the F*@K! What the F*@K! What the F*@K!

9:40 AM  

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