Tuesday, January 03, 2006

17th Wedding Anniversary

Did you know that there is no traditional gift to give on a 17th wedding anniversary? WHAT? How can that be.

I just finished a conversation with my sister in law, who is celebrating her 32nd wedding anniversary. She's sort of my contemporary, how can she be married that long?? The 32nd wedding anniversary gift is either land or car. She's opting for celebrating her 31st again and buying a time piece. I wonder if the same rule applies to marriage as Yaye's rule of birthdates. Let's see if you exclusively date for a year, wouldn't it mean that you've actually been married for a year before you get married. How about some of the people I know that dated for 10 years before they get hitched, then their first anniversary is actually their 11th.

Traditional 11th wedding anniversary gifts have a theme of Steel.
A contemporary or modern 11th anniversary gift has a theme of Fashion Jewellery.
The flowers associated with the 11th anniversary are Morning Glories

The Gemstone list shows Hematite and Turquoise associated with this Wedding Anniversary

Oh my, the following wedding anniversaries have NOTHING: 16, 17, 18, 19. Why is this? Is it because of the divorce rate during this time? Is everyone saving for the eventual nuptial disaster? So if they actually make it to 20 then it's really time to buy some China? Why aren't we celebrating the odd years those nestled betwixed 15 and 20.

Maybe it's because it's a free pass. Pass me some Johnny Depp, bottles of champagne, confetti and a tiara...this bride of 17 years is gonna have a great anniversary.


Anonymous parco said...

The median year of marriage for divorce...7.8 years. So why are there anniversary presents for 7 years and/or 8 years but NOT 17

7 - Wool or Copper. Wool to pull it over your eyes, Copper the hit the spouse over the head.

8 - Bronze or Pottery both equally good for the spousal bang over the head

12:42 PM  

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