Thursday, January 05, 2006

Ei yeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

Just clicked on the World Pantry link and thought I would share the mess I got in yesterday.

I made my very first batch of flour tortillas by hand. It's a lot like playdough only your supposed to eat it. Though I do remember really liking blue playdough as a kid - very salty and I really like salt.

So I mixed the ingredients: 2c flour, 1 tsp salt, 3T butter and 3/4c water.

What I got was a soppy gooey mess so adding a bit more flour was in order. That was the easy part. The difficulties came while trying to Roll out the Tortilla, we roll out the tortilla today...

Put a sprinkling of the May Queen "flour" on the pastry board, Rambled on (and on and on) with the Rolling pin and continued to dust my black overalls white, the kitchen floor, with the counter top developing a lovely film of white clumps because like a good girl I was trying to clean as I cooked...pointless. Sponges do not take well to cleaning up flour dust, they get caked with the film then they begin to feel kind of like a squishy dead fish.

At the end of the sloppy ordeal I had made ten large Dali-esque thin sheets of "tortillas". I then came to the conclusion that I could market these tasty treats (and they were very good wrapped around our burritos) I should market them as Shabby Chic Faux Tortillas. Perhaps the brand name should be TorTeeYa'lls. Tasty for Ya'll.


Anonymous Yayecita said...

Mmmmmm...homemade flour tortillas - excellent! I should try it myself. Do you think rolling them between wax paper would minimize the kitchen dusting dilemma?

1. Where are the pics?
2. Lay off the squishy fish

Also...reminded me of when I was a young Mexican chica and my loco family unit would visit this Mercado in San Fernando like once a month. It was a big warehouse filled with shops, stalls, stands and cantinas all with goods from South of the Orilla.

In the middle of the Mercado was this operation comprised of a dozen or so senoras y senoritas patting corn meal the old fashioned way into the softest, fluffiest, most mouth-melting corn tortillas I've ever had the gusto to experience. The tortillas were packaged in 24-inch stacks(I'm not exaggerating!), still piping hot and sold for a pittance.

I enjoyed eating those tortillas warm with a little melted butter. They were asombroso!


11:36 AM  
Anonymous Tallulah said...

No lo del piceritos senora. Will do next time. Not sure about the wax paper, will try when I have some to try with.

I remember that Mercado only went once or twice. The Vallarta supermarket by the old homestead had the same hot homemade corn tortillas...very very good with butter... Excellent with melted cheese...I miss good mexican cheese.........You know what else is good, butter cinnamon and sugar on those corn totillas. however tastier with flour tortillas. But works in a pinch.

1:18 PM  

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