Monday, January 09, 2006

None More Crimped

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Here's what I remember about this picture: It was around 1985, Tallulah, our friend Ro, and I were hanging out, munching those little ice cream sundaes that come in a paper cup and you eat with a flat stick. Somebody got the idea that we should slather on a lot of makeup, crimp each other's hair, don dresses from Ro's closet, top them with black capes and go to Santa Monica Beach to frolic. Tallulah remembers this story better than I do, but I'm pretty sure it was a homeless guy who thought we were three witches.


Anonymous Tallulah said...

Yes, it was a homeless man that came up the ramp of the lifeguard station where we were bewitchingly sitting. He looked nervous and in a California-tino accent asked "Chu girls are weetches?"

And I replied "Weetches, we don need no stinkin' weetches" Well actually it's what I should have said but didn't.

12:02 PM  
Anonymous Parco said...

I also seem to remember the reason why we were eating the ice cream, somebody brought out the Billy. I also remember chicken and rice and m&m's. That apartment of Ro's would happen to be located 1 block from where my old house was.

12:06 PM  

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