Monday, January 09, 2006

Mountain (Actually It's a Holler) Mama

Doo-rag Ann
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Taking a deep breath and one giant step forward, Tallulah and family made the big brave break from the Hollywood scene and headed for the hills of West Virginny in 2004. With 94+ sprawling acres, a 150-year-old house, outbuildings and critters galore, and HUUUUUUGE vegetable garden, Tallulah is discovering a whole new way of livin'. One with more space for her family life, more time for herself, more balance and more peace.

She's still always full of ideas and creative ways to look at the world. Like anybody, she has her rare grumpy days, but more often than not, she is that same sunshiney, kind, whacky girl I met back in Mrs. Topel's classroom nearly 30 years ago (holy s***!).

If you haven't yet, check out her site Home in the Holler, nobody can spin a tale quite like Tallulah.

She's my Parco! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!


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