Monday, January 09, 2006

The Chronicles of Lumpy

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Very soon after The Yaye and Tallulah Show became a bi-coastal broadcast, Tallulah discovered a Lumpy in her belly which proceeded to grow at an alarmin' rate! Nine months later, a wee Sam was born!! Motherhood has a way of changing things and before you could say "Formosa Cafe", Tallulah, Mr. Tallulah and Lumpy, I mean, Sam, traded in the uber-hip Hollywood courtyard apartment for a sensible Canoga Park home on a double lot with views of the Los Angeles River.


Anonymous Tallulah said...

I still have the stretch marks and scars to prove this one. Lumpy is now 6'2" with eyes of brown and a moustache that I make him shave, this morning I noticed that his sideburns are going clear down to his jaw. He be havin' some scruffy mutton chops.

12:43 PM  
Anonymous Tallu said...

How fast can you say "Blue Nun"

12:47 PM  
Anonymous parco said...


12:47 PM  
Anonymous alysnstone said...

Sholy Hit- I never saw you all preggo with Sam! You were adorable..well, you still are.

Hi Yaye, I'm Suz. Nice to meetcha.

10:46 PM  
Anonymous Tallulah said...

Yaye...we got another visitor do you see....Alysnstone lives in your neck of the woods, sort of. Same state.

7:02 AM  
Anonymous yaye said...

Hey! I didn't see all the comments here - Hi Suz!!! Welcome!!! Uh...Suz? I think she left. I'm a little late. (posted 1/17/06)

7:38 AM  

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