Saturday, December 30, 2006

Triumph Does Weather

Mr. Yaye and I first saw this a few months ago on G4 (a video gamer's channel that, strangely, also broadcasts the much lamented "Arrested Development"), and nary a day goes by without one of us calling out "Poor Hawaii!"

So funny it hurts.

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Anonymous Tallulah said...

G4 seems to be on the ol' tube everytime Yayo walks away from glowing box...

I've watched P&P 3 times. IT's the hand scene at the carriage that gets me. Oi vay.

But then again, I'm hopelessly addicted to a very lame movie right now. It scares me the path that I dost walketh down right now.

6:53 PM  
Anonymous Tallulah the Neurotic said...

There are gremlins in the blog...dude...where'd my comment go? I'll make this comment quick or at least I thought I would make it quick.

1. When I said that I'm hopelessly addicted to a very lame movie, in no way am I remarking on P&P with scrumdilli-icious Mr Darcy 2005. You will never know the ultimate lame movie I'm addicted to right now.

2. I think I did something wrong when I logged in or have you made a google account yet.

3. I have to go back to LA for a few days.

4. I miss you

5. I keep thinking about where I want to live the rest of my days. I don't think it's West Virginia...maybe it is. But right now I'm thinkin' Pacific NOrthwest, Ireland, Scotland, Canada or Italy. I don't know a foreign language which was my resolution last year so I think Italy is out. Hmmm what about New Zealand? Costa Rica? Monkeys. They've got wild monkeys like we've got squirrels. I like monkeys, but wild ones like squirrels throwing poo, maybe tropical is not where I wanna be.

7:15 PM  

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