Saturday, December 31, 2005

Yaye and Tallulah

Okay so this is my first attempt at submitting on this blogger doo dah. And weeeeeeeeee....I'm hoping I'm doing this right on a lovely new years eve...Gawd bless thine Yaye and setting this up for the two of us. I'm up here on the second floor where me office is. I was hesitant to log the blog for a while because well, I had soooo many papers to move to get to my desk and well, might as well be New Years Eve to clean off the desk before the New Year and all. How very feng shui.

So my Yaye once told me when I was complainin' about filing, that one should always write in pencil on folders so the folder doesn't get all botched up with stupid avery labels and pen marks. BUT I HAVE FOUND...that one must ALWAYS have a "TO BE FILED" folder written in pen cause you'll never need to erase it cause you'll always want that special folder so that you can clear your desk and then get to the clutter very un-feng SCHWAYYYY Way! Needless to say, tonight this very last night of 2005, I have made my very own To Be Filed folder IN PEN.

I must go and squeeze the last bit o' wine from the plastic bladder of the Peter Vella (Urinates in every box) Box Wine. Gawd bless the spigot that carries the wine to my lips....mmmmmmmmmmmm

But I must say that since I have come ALLLLLL the way up to the second floor and cleared (at least partially my desk) I have already found my comb that I was desperately looking for and blaming the boys in the house for losing (curses wrong again) and I have found my kitchen scissors AND my furniture polish (with rag).


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Just in time for Christmas, I immersed myself in "Jesus Myth" literature, making it impossible for me to watch a Discovery Channel 1/2 hour on the "Three Wise Men" without snorting and scoffing every 30 seconds. Timing.

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Blogger Yaye & Tallulah said...

Tallulah here,

two days ago, I was I'm not

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